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CDCS-001 Exam Overview - Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS)

The Certified Data Centre Specialist exam is the next step after the Certified Data Centre Professional exam.  Frequent or rapid changes in business dynamics require enterprises to be increasingly agile. The Certified Data Center Specialist Certification enables candidates to coupe enterprise needs scalable space, power, network capabilities and reliable security to efficiently manage growth and control expenses. Certified Data Center Specialist will further increase attendees to a level being a compatible sparring partner with suppliers and they will be able to verify offers provided by vendors for correctness, effectiveness and efficiency.

GAQM CDCS-001 Exam Details

Number of Questions: 40 Multiple Choice Questions

Passing Score: 70% (28 out of 40)

Duration: 1 hour (60 Minutes)

Delivery: Online and proctored based

Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) Exam Modules

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Security

Physical Security

Identifying assets

Physical Security Identification Methods and Devices

Other Physical Security Methods

Overall Considerations for Physical Security

Control Access

Risk Tolerance versus Cost


Module 2 – Fundamentals of Power


Key Terms

Electrical Load

Power Types

Powers Factors

Power System Failures

Circuit Breakers and Outlets

Physical security measures

Power Distribution Components

Module 3 – Generator Management

Identifying Main Components

Standby Generators

Internal Combustion Engine



Voltage Regulator


Switchgear and Distribution

Maintenance Measures

Module 4 – Cooling Layouts for Data Center


Types of Cooling System

Air Distribution System

Data Center Heat Removal Approaches

Air Cooled Self-Contained Systems

Water Systems

Mounting Types

Cooling Arrangements

Technology Compaction

Rack Arrangements

View Online Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) CDCS-001 Free Questions

1. What is a Data Center?

A.A building or portion of a building whose primary function is to research new data. 

B.A room in a building dedicated to monitoring data and information.

C.A building or a portion of a building whose primary function is to house a computer room and its related support areas

D.A building or a portion of a building where debugging takes place

Answer: C

2. Which type of power can be a source available to the data center that takes over the function of supplying when utility power is unavailable?





Answer: A

3. Which type of outlet is used for non-computing devices?





Answer: D

4. Which power distribution component is often used when many electrical devices are enclosed proximity especially with audio, video and computers?

A.Power distribution units (PDU)

B.Outlet strips

C.Server plug

D.Backup server

Answer: A

5. Which one of the following is an advantage of using Natural Gas?

A.Minimum carbon build up

B.Maximum carbon build up

C.Tends to cost more

D.More exhaust able

Answer: A

6. Which one of the following controls the voltage produced at the output of the alternator?

A.Voltage Meter

B.Voltage Stabilizer

C.Voltage Regulator

D.Voltage Backup Device

Answer: C